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The Purpose of Ides

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The Purpose of Ides

PostTue Jan 17, 2017 12:05 pm

In short, our mission here is to keep writing and keep improving. Community is great for this: it inspires us, keeps us honest, and helps us hone our skills.

The Ides challenges will run mid-month to mid-month (the 15th to the 15th, naturally! That's why it's called Ides. We'll have to do a really good one for March). A selection of prompts will be available, and from those you may write any sort of piece you like and post one per prompt in the 'Challenge Responses' forum.

Because exchanging feedback is such an important part of this process, I request that you respond to at least 3 pieces (if available) for every piece that you post.

If you DO NOT want feedback on a particular piece, include the note "No crit" or "No comments" at the top of the piece. Crit shall be defined as any constructive feedback or critique toward the development of the work; comments shall be defined as any comments whatsoever.

Prompts may be suggested in the prompts forum. If/once we have enough, we'll probably start voting on them for the following month.

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