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Forum rules!

Please review.
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Forum rules!

PostTue Jan 17, 2017 11:56 am

Welcome! Use of this board means concession to abide by the following:

Be respectful.

All sorts are welcome here, and on our Slack team. There will be zero tolerance of hate speech or harassment of any kind, including but not limited to any disparaging remarks about another race, gender, sexual preference, spiritual belief, cultural practice, interest, or lifestyle choice, regardless of whether or not they are actively represented here. Period.

The only exception is bad behavior. If your 'lifestyle choice' is being a jerk to somebody else, then you will no longer be welcome here.

If you have concerns about the way that another person is talking to or around you, please contact Marie/incommune.

Making any kind of threat toward another person on this forum will get you banned instantly and permanently.

Stay on topic.

Relatively. We have a general discussion forum; non-writing talk is more than welcome there. However, please keep tact in mind. This is a semi-public forum and may not be a good place for discussion of very charged topics such as politics. If you are interested in a philosophical debate on a subject that may be uncomfortable or divisive for other members, please take it to private forum messages, direct slack messages, email, or another closed medium of your choice.

I reserve the right to intervene in, or close, discussions that have or could become out of hand.

Maintain privacy.

Most areas of this forum are private to registered users. The main concern of this is publication, as many markets do not want to print work that the general public can access for free on the internet, considering such material 'already published'. Areas where one might post personal information are also private to registered users.

Do not share anything that you see here (details about a person's life or online presence, another person's work, etc) on any other forum. Do not give out anyone's information.

Be generous.

This is a place to share your work, and it is also a place to share your valuable feedback with fellow writers. Participation in the community is two-way, and involves not only sharing your own material but engaging with others' work as well. All critique should be constructive and non-personal (you are offering suggestions based on the work, not based on the person who wrote it--ie: "I'm not sure this description is realistic, fleshing it out with some research would help me get an idea of how all this fits together and be more impactful for the reader" rather than "You obviously don't know what you're talking about and need to go out and experience more things before you try to write about them"). If you are unsure how to approach constructive critique, this is a good topic of discussion with members who have experience with this.

Being generous, part b.

Beginners are an equally valid part of the community as people with experience. Everyone had to start some time. If somebody is asking a question that seems basic to you, it is an opportunity to share your valuable expertise with someone who is in a different place on their journey than you are, NOT an opportunity to make yourself feel good by making them feel bad. See above notes about being respectful. If you're not sure how to answer something tactfully, you are not required to jump in to the discussion.

Sensitive readers and sensitive material.

Generally speaking, I'm not inclined to put down any hard and fast content rules for work posted. However, please be aware that not everybody is comfortable reading about all subjects. More particulars will be available in the writing-specific forums, but please identify anything 'NSFW (not safe for work)' in the subject line of your post to avoid getting people into trouble if they're using shared computers. Beyond that, including a content warning at the beginning of your work where needed is courteous. Lastly, if somebody says that they are not comfortable reading or discussing any particular topic, leave them alone about it.

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